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Tree Frog
Image by Joshua J
Image by Paweł Sroka
Image by Oleksandr Sushko
Image by Ravi Singh
Image by Михаил Павленко
Image by Leon Pauleikhoff
Image by Kyaw Tun
Image by zhengtao tang
Image by Erik-Jan Leusink
Image by Ricky  Kharawala
Image by David Clode
Image by Zdeněk Macháček
Image by おにぎり

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Near Me Geckos is an exotics proper care advocate website. Their goal is to make an impact in as many exotic owners care of their animals as possible. They have or have had goldfish, hermit crabs, leopard geckos, toads, salamanders, tree frogs, rabbits, goats, ducks, guppies, minnows, bettas, aquatic snail, aquatic plants, house plants, a flower garden, platies, mollies, fiddler crabs, cats, chickens, quail, catfish, sharks, and African dwarf frogs.

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Near Me Bettas breeds HMPK fancy betta fish, MTS and mystery/Inca snails, and aquatic plants such as java moss, dwarf tiger lotus, subwassertang, salvinia minima, and frogbite. Check out their webpage click here, or contact them via teh members chat on Exotics Forum.

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